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Why bookmark when you can PageMark?

PageMarks have a better memory than bookmarks

Bookmarks are afraid of PageMarks

Once you've used a PageMark you'll never go back to bookmarks

In a recent survey 83% of bookmarks said they were concerned or very concerned about PageMarks

A bookmark says you're somewhere on one of these two pages. PageMarks tell you exactly where you stopped reading

What are PageMarks? They're bookmarks but not really

Bookmarks are just wanna-be PageMarks.

PageMarks are like bookmarks - they are printed markers used in printed books. But they are so much better than bookmarks.

PageMarks are a unique new way to save your place in a book. They are placed in your book in unconventional ways (at least for bookmarks) to let you know right where you stopped reading. They are easy to use. We think you will love PageMarks as soon as you start using them. Click to learn how PageMarks work.

Have these things ever happened to you?

  • You're waiting at the doctor's office or at the DMV so you start reading a book. Right when you are in the middle of a page your name is called.
  • You're reading and you start getting sleepy. Before you know it you're waking up. You start reading again but you keep falling asleep.
With PageMarks you can stop anywhere. Where you are on the page doesn't matter. Your PageMark will tell you where you are. Bookmarks simply can’t do that because, well, we don’t know why. Maybe they were dropped on their heads when they were young.

PageMarks - the antithesis of bookmarks


PageMarks are a new way to save your place in books. They keep track of exactly where you are on a page. PageMarks simply have a better memory than bookmarks.

Why - The problem with bookmarks

Bookmarks only tell you that you are “on one of these two pages.” That's it. PageMarks are much better because they tell you exactly which word you are on.

How PageMarks work

PageMarks contain information that point you to where you are. The way you place the PageMark tells you where you are on the page, not just "you're on one of these two pages," like bookmarks.


PageMarks do much more than bookmarks. They

  • Tell you which word you are on, not just which page
  • Allow you to stop anywhere on any page
  • Give you more freedom and save you time
  • Save you from trying to “read to the end of the page” before you fall asleep again
  • Rescue you from the “ordinariness” of bookmarks

No bookmarks were harmed while making this website, but we do enjoy maligning and castigating them