PageMarks are the perfect gift for Christmas PageMarks - they're smarter

Why PageMarks

In a recent survey 83% of bookmarks said they are somewhat nervous or very nervous about PageMarks.

Bookmarks have very limited memory. We hate to say this but bookmarks are dumb compared to the advanced intelligence of PageMarks.

Using PageMarks actually saves you time. You can stop reading anytime you want, not just at the end of a page. When you are ready to read again you don’t have to guess where you stopped. You won't spend time skimming the pages trying to remember where you are. You already know right where you left off.

A book mark says “You’re somewhere on one of these two pages.” A page mark says “You’re right here.”

Do you find yourself wasting time re-reading the same paragraphs to find where you left off? Don't just use bookmarks. Get a PageMark.

No bookmarks were harmed while making this website, but we do enjoy maligning and castigating them